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2018 Reunion Site - Colorado Springs, CO

Sept 19 - Sept 23

Marriott Hotel
5580 Tech Center Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919
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Phone: 719-260-1800 or 800-932-2151

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Our group rate is 129.00 per night including breakfast for 2 people.
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Start date: 9/13/18
End date: 9/26/18
Last day to book: 8/29/18

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Royal Gorge Bridge is the first suspension bridge built in the USA.
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Seven Falls is a wonderful set of waterfalls spilling down from the mountatins above.

Explore Pikes Peak - America's Mountain

At the present time the Association is comprised of former and present crew members, Phibron Staff, and embarked Marines who served on the USS Iwo Jima (LPH 2), USS Okinawa (LPH 3), USS Guadalcanal (LPH-7), USS Guam (LPH-9), USS Tripoli (LPH-10) , USS New Orleans (LPH 11). Former crew members and embarked staffs and Marines who served in USS Inchon (LPH 12) are also eligible and encouraged to become Regular Association members.

The USS Guam LPH9 WebPages on this website are sponsored by The USS Iwo Jima Class Association, and not affiliated with any other military association.

The Iwo Jima Class LPH Amphibious Assault Ship was created in the early 60's. The LPH was ideally suited for amphibious assault by the vertical envelopment method. The ship was designed to carry up to 25 helicopters, a Marine Battalion , weapons, and the equipment to support them. In addition to its mission as a Marine Battalion Landing Team Delivery Ship, the LPH class had also served as an Amphibious Task Force Control Ship, Medical Duty Ship and Mine Countermeasures Support Ship. The Iwo Jima Class had a power plant consisting of two boilers and one geared turbine which turned a single shaft with 22,000 shaft horsepower. Its armament included 3-inch twin barrel guns, the 20mm Vulcan/Phalanx Close-in Weapons System (CIWS), and 50 caliber machine guns. The crew complement consisted of 50 officers, 650 enlisted personnel and up to 2,000 Marine troops.

At least one ship of the Iwo Jima Class had been present in every major conflict since the Vietnam War. Although the LPH had proven itself to be a reliable performer, the Navy recognized the need for an amphibious assault ship with greater range, capacity and capabilities and gradually phased out the LPHs, replacing them with the technologically superior Wasp Class LHDs.


  • The Board of Directors, and meeting minutes from 2000 are posted here.
  • The Honor Roll is updated on a continuing basis.

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