In Honor of Our Deceased Crewmembers - USS Guam LPH-9

Day is done, gone the sun, From the lake,
From the hills, From the sky;
All is well, Safely rest, God is nigh.

Fading light dims the sight,
and a star gems the sky,
Gleaming bright from afar,
drawing nigh, falls the night.

Thanks and praise for our days
Neath the sun, Neath the stars, Neath the sky
As we go, This we know, God is nigh

When the USS Guam LPH9 visited Barcelona, Spain in 1979, Guam’s Chaplin John Baldwin offered the following prayer to God for our shipmates, who were lost in the liberty launch accident on 17 January 1977.

“Lord, God, our Father, we praise you for the mysteries of life – a great gift given to us and to those we remember here today. We remember that day in January when our countrymen, our brothers, were suddenly taken from this earth here in a friendly but far distant country from our homes. We pray that they will live with you. In your never-ending love and mercy you turn the darkness of death into the dawn of new life. Be our refuge and strength in giving us the grace to bring about your kingdom of justice, peace, and brotherhood. For it is through your kingdom coming here that time unites with eternity.”

* designates plankowner

** Sailors and Marines, stationed on the USS Guam LPH-9, killed 17 January, 1977, at Barcelona, Spain when their liberty launch collided with the Spanish freighter "Urlea". Twenty-five Sailors and Marines from the USS Trenton LPD-14 also lost their lives in this accident.

***Brian "Butch" Barlow died from a wound he received from a piece of shrapnel off a helicopter rotor blade. The accident happened during flight operations in heavy weather. When a helocopter pitched over, its rotors crashed into the deck, causing shrapnel to be thrown in all directions

 NameRank/RateYears served on Guam
  AllenCharles B.SGT1976-1977**
  Asplund Paul L.PFC1976-1977**
  Barlow Brian "Butch" B.AN1971-1972***
  Biddle Daniel R.AT2 
*BlairThomas F.EM21965
  Booker Lawrence A.L/CPL1976-1977**
* Brasted K.C.Cmdr1964-1966
  Breton Edgar EdwardMS21976-1977**
* Brown Bobby J.Lcmdr 
  Bryant Nelson  
  Cantu RaulPFC1976-1977**
  CarlonCharles M. ABH21967-1969
  CawleyJames 1966-1968
  CebrowskiArthurVice Admiral1986-1988
* CoonRobert WPH31964-1966
  Crayton Willie S.SGT1976-1977**
  Cruz GilbertoL/CPL 
  Dincas TedCPL 
  Dunlap Gary L.PFC1976-1977**
  Fancher Danny CarlFA1976-1977**
  Freeman Calvin K.SGT1976-1977**
  Gilliard Dexter B.L/CPL1976-1977**
  Gillis Steven
  Gonzales PabloAA1976-1977**
  Goven AnthonyL/CPL 
* Gutt Stanley 1964-1967
  Hagwood WayneCPL1976-1977**
  Hakel Eric M.AT3 
  Hamann Rudolph "Rudy"SN1965-1966
  Hamilton David "Lee"  
* Harbour L.L. "Scotty"AE11965-1967
  Heim ChristianAG31968-1970
  Hudson Jerry R.MMCS 
  Hutton Robert S.ABF3 
  Kaiser TonyMM31982-1984
* Keidel LarryLt 
  King Marvin L.SN 
  Kircheval J.H.LtJg 
  Labourr James RogerETNSB1976-1977**
* Leto Raymond PhilABF3 
  Lewis Robert CharlesYN31976-1977**
  Lloyd Henry Jr.CPL1976-1977**
  Marks Ensley Jr.BT31967-1968
  McKnight JesseCaptain 
  Mitche Steven P.L/CPL1976-1977**
  Mobayed Ronald J.Lt 
  Mullin John TimothyYNC1976-1977**
* Nobles Arnold R.TN 
  Peake Leroy V.PFC1976-1977**
  Pederson Gary "Pete" LI31965-1967
  Peguero Jose CE11994-1996
  Perdue Joe F. CPL1976-1977**
* Pitts Gary W.SM3 
  Rauscher Morris F.SHSN 
  Reynolds Richard DavidAN1976-1977**
* Riden Charlie  
  RothNorman T.ABH21975-1978
  RoyalBrian KeithMSSN1976-1977**
  SchererDouglas MJO21994-1997
  Sepper FrankCmdr 
  Shimfessel Michael RayAN1976-1977**
  Simon Charles Edward BTFN1976-1977**
  Sims Michael AnthonySHSA1976-1977**
  Sorrells J.F.RMC 
  Stanley MarkCPL 
  Stanley Thomas AlbertCaptain 
  Staten Clarence R.PFC1976-1977**
* Tepovich Francis "Frank"BTC1965-1967
* Thurmon Norman "Bud"Captain1964-1965
  Vogel Robert W.Lt 
  WamsleyEugene "Gene" 1970-1971
  WatsonEd 1971-1973
* WeisserMyron 1964-1966
* WorrallDavid J.Captain1965-1966