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Rescue by Water Dogs 4-21-68 from William Vasser on November 12, 2017 at 18:11:15
Email: William Vasser

I am trying to get in touch with two WATER DOG swimmers that were part of our rescue when our F4 was shot down and we bailed out right near the USS Cleveland on April 21, 68. I believe these two WATER DOG swimmers were part of the Iwo Jima but happen to be with the USS Cleveland on that day. I believe the Water Dogs were IC3 Ronald E. Sisson of Decatur Georgia and EN3 Robert L. Green of Phoenix, Arizona, which I got out of a Jumpin Jima Journal.

One Water Dog, which I believe to be IC3 Ronald E. Sisson, somehow amazingly tracked me down in about 2010 and stopped by on his way to San Francisco. I would like to contact either one to just chat about that day and our rescue.

William Vasser
Major, USAF retired
But not old

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